Flute teacher

Flute teacher

Ever since my graduation, I’ve been teaching at communal art and music centres, at first in Zeist and currently in Zutphen and Arnhem.

The flute is very much an instrument to play together with other musicians and working at an art and music centre offers the opportunity to form ensembles and orchestras as well as staging performances and instigating multidisciplinary projects.

I developed a pvc flute for prospective students, that children can make under guidance and learn to play. This small flute plays the tones c, d, e, and g and is entirely based on the Fibonacci sequence (golden ratio).

Voor de aspirant-leerling ontwierp ik een pvc-fluitje om, onder begeleiding, door kinderen zelf te laten maken en te leren bespelen. Dit fluitje geeft de tonen c”,d”, e” en g” en is geheel gebaseerd op de Fibonacci-reeks (gulden snede).

Remko van der Vegt